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    The Way Forward – 5 Advantages of a Multicultural Team

    We are living now in a very small world thanks to the technology. Hence, we are going to be dealing with people from different places and nationalities, so if you are aware  their culture, it will make things much easier when it comes to understanding each other.

    Working in Multicultural teams can be a great opportunity for development both personal and professionally. Often times we confused organizational culture with that of national culture which can be problematic, however,  below are five ways multinational teams can be beneficial to any organization:

    1. Greater Talent Pool

    When working in a multicultural team the possibility of finding the right employee for a specific job/function is greater, this is so as the pool of talented  availability employees is much larger. Operating in a multicultural team also allows employees and potential employees to see you as a cut above the rest. The wider the talent pool the better chance of finding talents, motivated and willing individuals that are accessible.

    Here at Qreer we attract over 50 different nationalities for companies from all over Europe, this creates a greater chance for the best technical candidates and also greater brand awareness.

    2. Cultural Sensitivity

    Working across cultures, benefits an organization in that it leads to better productivity.  This kind of environment make companies  more desirable and favoured by candidates. Due to cultural sensitivity employees can feel less isolated hence, better communication, better motivated and more optimistic.

    Goals like marketing strategy for an international market can be enhanced by having staff members who are aware of these cultures, as often times messages get lost in translation, example the case of HSBC, where in 2009 it had to change its American slogan from “Assume Nothing” as in some countries it was translated to “Do Nothing”, eventually it cost the company millions to be corrected.

    3. Creativity

    The level of creativity in a multicultural team is vast. The range and scope of ideas are much broader.  A multicultural team can deliver fresher perspective to discussions as individual will express their in broader term their different opinions. The ability to share different experiences contribute to the creativity of the team, example a specific job with challenges may be approached differently per culture, what this does is it allows for shared knowledge  to be developed into a creative solution.

    4. Cultural Diversity

    Many companies are operating on the global market hence, expansion to different countries and cultures are inevitable. A cultural diverse organization/team is a catalyst for better productivity (production growth). Whether through a virtual space or otherwise, having an international team will generate greater levels of productivity as the team will better understand customers diverse needs, this leads to better marketing strategies that eventually leads to production growth.

    5. Growth/Development

    There is a big growth potential of being in an multicultural team.  This can either be personal in the sense that employees become self-developed and aware of different cultures hence they generalise less and improvements in honest and open communication is developed. Professional/commercial growth can be in the form of shared knowledge.

    In this case, new ventures such as entering a new market by a company will benefit from having a well-informed multicultural team that is aware the needs of various cultures. Cost relating to new market entry strategy  can be reduced when team members are informed/knowledgeable of potential consumer needs, hence the proper market messages can be communicated effectively and not having to bear the cost of damage control as a result of being ill-informed.

    Having described the above points as advantages of a multicultural workplace it can be said that such a team can be beneficial to a company’s brand and productivity. It allows for diversity which is not only advantageous to the employees but also the company itself. Talent pools and creativity will be enhanced and hence the company benefits.

    Not sure what kind of characteristics you have or in what kind of team you might match best, please have a look at our other blog about ‘what kind of job-seeker are you?’

    Qreer can support organisations from all over Europe in establishing their international teams through the products and services offered.  Qreer offers a platform for recruiters to find the best international technical talents, for more you can visit our website at www.qreer.com.


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