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    The Gap 2016

    Last year Qreer was the first to analyse the 2015 Dutch labour market statistics. Qreer combined the data from graduates entering the job market as well as insights from engineers retiring and leaving the market, and held these numbers against the number of open vacancies posted by companies looking for new employees. This result is known as ‘The Gap’ and is showing the challenges the Dutch labour market is facing.

    The results in 2015 indicated that more people are leaving the labour market due to retirement compared to ‘fresh’ engineers entering the market. The relation between these number and the number of open vacancies created awareness and was a true wake-up call for many Dutch companies. Subsequently adding international recruitment on their 2016 recruitment agendas to be able to continue staffing their projects and departments in the years to come.

    Logically, Qreer kept track of the statistics to measure The Gap for 2016. The conclusions drawn from these statistics are indicated in below.

    After having manually contacted all Dutch technical education institutes, it can be concluded that the total number of engineers with a Bachelor or Master degree, graduated, and entered the job market in 2016 is 14.726. This number is the sum of all technical national and international students that received either a Bachelor degree from a Dutch Applied University or Dutch University, or received a Master degree from a Dutch University.


    According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), there is an increasing number of 52.645 unique vacancies currently live in Engineering, Software, Science & Technology.


    On average each job has 6 duplicates on various boards, platforms and media, to say the least, there is a large variety of jobs to choose from for job seekers in technical domains.


    The number of open positions is an indication based on daily fluctuations and the total number of graduates entering the market on an annual basis. This allows each individual graduate to choose out of 43 exclusive jobs, leaving 42 open jobs behind….

    In addition, the analytics for 2016 indicate that 18.440 engineers having at least a Bachelor or Master degree will leave open positions behind due to retirement. In the coming years even more people are expected to retire, simply due to the high number of baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, that are heading into retirement.

    Thereafter, you find a decreasing number of people that are entering the market due to a decreasing number of people of younger ages. So retirees output on the one hand and on the other labour seekers input indicate the importance of international recruitment.


    Qreer would like to emphasize that good effort is put into stimulating more students to choose for technical educations and training job seekers from other markets. However, these numbers will not close the gap. An injection from outside the Dutch market is required to meet the current and upcoming demands of the industry and fulfill the open positions now and in the future.

    “With 14.726 Dutch graduates on annual basis and 52.645 jobs on daily basis the Dutch labour market is …..challenging”

    Qreer supports companies, departments and project teams in their steps to employ (inter)national engineers and, together with many partners, with all aspects related to this.

    Finally, Qreer would like to reach out to recruiters currently focusing and recruiting in the Dutch market and introduce and partner in “International Recruitment”.


    We will introduce your company and jobs to international candidates that you can hire tomorrow. Reach out to us for an open discussion to see how we can support you in the coming year(s).

    Best regards and all the best for 2017!



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