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    The career guide for engineering specialists: Extra tips on delivering your CV to recruiters

    As a goal-oriented team, Qreer is constantly looking for ways to help our users getting the best engineering, programming and academic jobs they call for! In fact, the essential factor of one’s job search success is in professional self-presentation. Obviously, it always stems from your CV. You may remember that last year we published some articles on making a stronger resume. In case you missed them, here is a number of tips to keep in mind:

    Writing a proper CV

    Making an international CV

    Writing a successful cover letter


    We believe that there is no such a thing as too much advice on job hunting, so here are some additional tricks to draw attention of recruiters to your CV:


    Make sure you treat your addressee appropriately. Here is a brief guide to follow:
    1. Aware of gender: use “Dear Mr.” (for men) or “Dear Ms.” (for women, unless you know that she definitely prefers “Mrs.” or “Miss”) in conjunction with a surname or a full name; Unaware of gender: use “Dear” in conjunction with a full name.
    2. No information about an addressee: use “Dear sirs or madams”, “Dear Recruiter”.
    3. Specifically for academics: use “Dr.“ (referring to a person obtained a doctorate-level degree) or “Prof.” (referring to a professor).


    You might get confused regarding the format to save your resume in. We recommend to opt for .DOCX. Why not .PDF? Sometimes you simply cannot upload a file in this format and have to look for its original .DOCX version anyway. Besides, recruiters tend to make notes in candidates’ resumes when discussing them with managers. If your CV is in .DOC format it highlights the fact that your document is kind of out-of-date. Formats as .ODT or .RTF also have some disadvantages such as a possibility of incorrect mapping or a heavy file size. Just go .DOCX and save your time.


    Name your CV in a way that makes it easy for recruiters to find. You document’s title should contain your surname and initials (or a full name) and the position you are applying for. Abstain from naming your document “CV” or “Resume”: recruiters certainly get lots of those CVs on a regular basis which makes them difficult to save and recall later.


    In case you are sending a mail, not only your CV, but also the subject of your message should reflect the content clearly. Indicate which exact position you are applying for. Importantly, by doing this you keep the mail from falling directly to the “Spam” folder.


    Another secret to increasing the possibility of your mail being read by recruiters: send it late in the evening , at night or early in the morning, the more-likely-to-be-read window is 8p.m. till 8 a.m.


    Remember, if you got any tips that helped you to get invited for an interview, we will be glad to hear from you. You can send your ideas by using this form.



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