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Founded by recruiters and for recruiters Qreer.com facilitates the most convenient methods and technologies to search for the most talented engineers, developers, scientists and technologists on Bachelor, Master and PhD/Post-doc level all across Europe.
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We offer you the possibility to expose your jobs and internships on our European platform and reach out to over 2.000.000 job seekers from all across Europe. We can support you with your international recruitment activities where needed. Do you have any questions at all,
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Sourcing activities

Qreer is not a static job board as so many others resulting in us having our own sourcing department that continuously searches across Europe for the best matches for your jobs and internships listed.

    Qreer launches a new layout for it’s European Job Board!


    We are very pleased to announce that we have launching the new design of our European Job Board today!!!

    Our mission is to become and remain the leading technical job board on Science, Engineering, Software and Technology and the new responsive look and improvements will assist us in this. Our IT and Marketing department have made many hours during weeks and weekends and contributed to the profit of all pizza companies around to enable the launch of our new skin and so many new functionalities.


    Face the Future: innovation and pro-activeness.

    At the end of 2014 we started noticing that more and more European companies are open to international candidates with a solid technical background. Global business leaders in such industries as Automotive, Construction, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Software and other fields are actively searching for talented engineers to maintain and increase their competitive advantage. Moreover, more IT-start-ups are emerging and looking for programmers and experienced IT-managers.


    This situation brings new challenges to recruiters. Finding the proper specialists in some narrow technical areas can be a tough job.

    Unlike other job boards, Qreer.com focuses purely on professionals in engineering, technology, software and science. In the recent time we expanded our back-office activities. Not only do we advertise vacancies exposed on our platform on social media, but we also personally approach candidates that might be the right match for a particular job. By doing these sourcing activities on a daily basis we considerably increase the chances of our clients to close their vacancies sooner. We strongly believe that only this proactive approach can make a difference!


    What has been improved on Qreer.com:

    –          We’ll be making use of the latest technologies making our job board better found on search engines and further improving the usability and reliability of our platform

    –          Second, we’ve been able to maintain our simple minimalistic style. We believe that technical specialist feel better with this sort of layout that is clear from any clutter.

    –          The site load speed of all pages is improved with up to 400% making browsing through jobs and internships on our European job Board easy and content is shown fast

    –          Integrated social media coverage reaching an even larger audience

    –          Compatible and responsive with all existing hardware devices making sure our site is shown and accessible whichever device is used

    –          Integrated keyword tool allowing customers to check the keywords used per job listed to further improve visibility

    –          Integration with most popular ATS systems to enable smooth postings by your recruiters

    –          Customized individual statistics reports send per job with even better analytics, more accurate information and useful content to further improve candidates flow and recruitment process.


    Next, all the important features such as the job search bar are on the primary focus. Quick job search buttons are available.


    Importantly, we have tested the new website on various operating systems and devices to make sure it works fine and is displayed correctly. If something does not seem right, we would be thankful to hear from you.

    Meet the new website here:

    new website of Qreer.com

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