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Founded by recruiters and for recruiters Qreer.com facilitates the most convenient methods and technologies to search for the most talented engineers, developers, scientists and technologists on Bachelor, Master and PhD/Post-doc level all across Europe.
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We offer you the possibility to expose your jobs and internships on our European platform and reach out to over 2.000.000 job seekers from all across Europe. We can support you with your international recruitment activities where needed. Do you have any questions at all,
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Sourcing activities

Qreer is not a static job board as so many others resulting in us having our own sourcing department that continuously searches across Europe for the best matches for your jobs and internships listed.

    Interview with Roel van der Mijden, Marketing and Sales trainee at Qreer.com

    Within Qreer.com, Roel is a Marketing and Sales Trainee, and together with the communication department responsible for our corporate branding and building long-term relationships with customers.

    His hands-on mentality is keen to fast decision making and showing results in marketing projects.

    1. How can you combine your commercial background in your everyday tasks at Qreer.com?

    My everyday tasks at Qreer.com consists of mostly commercial activities. Even in a technical orientated environment as Qreer.com, there is a need for commercial influences. This way Qreer is able to create exposure for their vacancies and attract applicants and companies, which is essential for the success of Qreer.

    Some of my everyday tasks involve, branding activities (for both Qreer.com as customers), Social media posts, establish (new) customer relationships, and writing job advertisements. These tasks make it sure that I combine my commercial background with the tasks at Qreer.com.

    1. How has Qreer.com evolved in the past year?

    Since I joined the team in July, Qreer.com has evolved in many different ways. The number of partnerships with universities has doubled in the past year, which makes Qreer.com the ideal platform for seeking young professionals. In addition, Qreer.com gained access to a lot of new databases, as well local as (inter)national, which make it possible to search for candidates in specific regions of Europe. Also, Qreer.com is acquainted with the fact that social media is getting more and more important in our current lifestyle. Because of this fact, Qreer.com is present on the biggest social media platforms of all countries all across Europe.

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    1. Monster board, Nationale vacaturebank, LinkedIn.. how do you compete with these players in the industry?

    These companies are not our direct competitor, I would rather say Qreer.com is complementary to these companies. It is well known that for every additional service, an additional amount is charged. At Qreer the package includes the job posting for 60 days, but also all different additional marketing and manual sourcing activities. This is something that is unique in today’s job board model.

    We try to compete through establishing a relationship based on trust with our job seekers and customers, and going along and implementing trends and developments within our processes. We focus on our company culture and communicate this externally through different marketing activities.

    1. What do you believe is unique at Qreer.com compared to other recruitment channels out there?

    The unique selling point of Qreer.com is the active approach of candidates. Most job boards solely place a job advertisement on their platform and thereafter don’t follow up or keep records of the success rate of the job advertisement. The job advertisement disappears to the next page(s) and becomes less interesting and easy to find by the target audience.

    Qreer.com eliminates this phenomenon through seeing the job advertisement just as a part of a whole package of activities that is needed to attract candidates. There are different methods and tools that are being used to advertise the job ad and attract the target audience. Instead of waiting for the job seeker to find the job ad, it is time to actively approach them and reach out to the target group. Promoting on other partner sites, visiting fairs, approaching the candidate personally based on a matching CV found in one of the hundreds of databases we make use of. In addition, these activities cover as well some of the marketing activities for the customers as well, as Qreer.com uses the logo’s and brand names of the customers in its promotion activities all across Europe.

    The combination of these activities make Qreer.com unique compared to other recruitment players in the industry.

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    1. What are your expectations on the international recruitment industry?

    I expect that the ‘regular’ job boards are going to disappear or change to the changing supply and demand within the industry. The results companies gain from traditional job boards are decreasing and it is becoming more difficult to find matching candidates through these traditional platforms. In addition, I expect that more recruitment platforms start seeing the benefits (and need) to cross boarders in their search for the best candidate.

    Actively sourcing for candidates and giving insight in the company culture towards job seekers becomes increasingly important to motivate and attract candidates to apply for open positions. In this light, I think Qreer.com is already a step ahead.

    1. What does an average workday look like for you?

    An average workday for me begins at 8 o’clock. We always start with a team meeting and discuss our planning and priorities of that day. After we discussed the planning, I move on to generating exposure for several vacancies and companies through different channels. After lunch, I fill my afternoon with searching and establishing new partnerships with universities or websites, and look for local databases and social platforms all across Europe.

    1. What excites you (the most) to work for Qreer.com?

    What excites me most is that we are being challenged to be creative, and given the freedom to test whether certain approaches are successful and add value to the process as a whole. Finally the teams and company culture are making it even more exciting to work here.


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