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    Do’s and Don’ts at the office

    An office environment can be a complex place. Even if you perform at your best, others might still find that you’re not fully meeting their expectations.

    We’ve summed up are few tips for you that will help you to adjust to different and sometimes difficult situations.

    These are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind at your office:


    Do #1 – Show your people skills

    “Friendly” and “Social” are the key words to a pleasant work place ambiance.

    Yes, the dynamics of the office can be a vicious circle of meetings, emails and calls that keep you rather detached form the real working environment – the actual people working there!

    Even though it is every ambitious worker’s goal to check all the To-Dos for the day, giving yourself a break is quite important. Not only will you feel refreshed after a little recess, but you will also help a colleague have a bit of a change in the daily routine.

    Take the time to stop by the coffee machine and catch up with your co-workers about how the weekend went or what was the latest movie they watched. Do not avoid conversations, even if you are pre-occupied with tasks – hardly anyone is a fan of the grumpy colleagues that always complain.

    Be friendly and kind, keep a positive attitude and you will see the effect on the general office atmosphere. Also you will definitely win some credits among the other associates and that creates trust. Therefore improve the overall productivity of the department.                             

    A team of colleagues sitting together to work out business plans


    Don’t #1 – Involve personal problems at your office

    Referring back to DO #1, being a social butterfly is a beneficial feature. However, restrict yourself from extensively sharing your personal life and issues with the others.

    As friendly as you are, you should keep the professional tone to a certain extent. Try to avoid inappropriate topics or too much (personal) complaining. In case there is another colleague willing to share more, make sure it is a two way process, but not only you bursting information. Nobody like listening to a monologue, they prefer to be involved as well.


    Do#2 – Keep a “tidy” schedule

    Being organized is the key to success, many people say. Valid information.

    It is a fact that corporate productivity increases when a good time table is kept and the agendas of all workers in a team are neat and clear. This definitely prevents you from getting stressed about meeting deadlines, missing calls or being late for meetings.

    Time-management lays in the bottom of this whole “being organized” idea. Few tips form us: prioritize, write things down, be careful with multitasking! Sometimes, in our desire to complete all tasks, we tend to neglect the quality of the actual result. No employer wants that.


    Don’t #2 – Procrastinate

    The favorite word of many – procrastination. Why do it now when I can do it later, still on time? That is the disruptive though of every rather indifferent employee, who never thinks outside of the box and keeps the work competences to their very minimum.

    Leaving everything for the last minute will not lead to anything good, not to mention that you will hardly ever meet all the deadlines on time. If it seems to be working in the beginning, within several weeks the work load will surely stack up, leaving you way behind your co-workers. The decrease in productivity is a fact due procrastination and will not be left unseen by your supervisor.

    So, avoid problems and try to motivate yourself and get tasks done on time. Using a personal agenda and carefully scheduling your day will certainly help a lot!


    Do #3 – Allow and accept criticism

    Even though we encourage a decent amount of self-esteem at the office and standing up for your ideas is necessary, do not take it to an extreme level. Feedback and assessment are a regular part of the work flow and surprisingly or not, they will not always be positive.

    Take any kind of critique or judgement well. Sometimes it may not even be a plausible fact, but understand that something caused that reaction from your current peers. Instead of showing you’re offended and generating a negative atmosphere around, try to think critically and find out what the root is of the problem. Maybe there is a tiny fragment or your work that you can improve.

    No one is perfect, right? Accept it and work towards your development with learning by mistake.



    Don’t #3 – Be overly helpful

    If you tend to take over other colleagues’ tasks at one point you will be pre-occupied with way too many things. It is great to help out and assist co-workers, but mind that this should have a limit. Do not lose face and do not be afraid to say to a certain task that is either not within your competences or outside of your scope of work.

    Being trustful and reliable is a great characteristic for you as a person, but it has a fragile border with being naïve and letting people take your helpfulness for granted. Unless it is really your superior and the task is within your job position, do not let them get used to putting some extra curriculum activities.

    Keep a fair communication and openly talk about it if you do not agree with a certain requirement. However, be careful in preparing some good arguments before that to make sure you get your point across right!


    Plenty more tips and hits that could be pointed out! But if you start with the basics and really keep a balanced communication and behavior in your work place, everything will go as supposed to. If you add a little friendly flavor to it, you are quite likely to become integrated into the new office environment!

    Qreer team wishes you pleasant working days ahead in your career!


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