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    The career guide for engineering specialists: the code of social media behaviour


    Well, as some people say: ”If you are not online, you do not exist at all”. Surely, this is an exaggeration. Nevertheless, this is true with regard to most of the business-related activities, in particular – your job search.


    How to behave online when your target is a new career step, a better technical job opportunity? We figured it out. The strategy of possible activities that may be carried out is making yourself more appealing as 1) a professional for recruiters who can offer you a job and  2) other specialists in your field that can potentially recommend you as a competent expert.



    Become a part of the relevant online communities.

    Take your time and explore which LinkedIn groups, for example, are popular in your industry and your specific engineering field. Pay attention both to the local communities and international ones as well. Do not only join these groups, but actively participate in their recent discussions: comment and answer other users’ questions. In addition, you can refer to these discussions in your own page. Furthermore, look for official pages of some specialised mass media sources (such as technical internet portals, newspapers, magazines and TV programs) and follow them.


    Be proactive. Express your opinions on the current issues of your industry.

    Read an article, heard something on TV that made you feel you have to oppose it or contribute to? Go ahead. Write a post and give a link to an initial source. When doing this, however, be polite and respectful. Show yourself as a qualified and up-to-date expert in your technical area.


    Avoid any offensive comments towards any of your employers.

    Moreover, avoid offensive comment at all. Sometimes we do experience that we were unfairly insulted or judged. However, expressing your anger and complains with regard to work on social media is less likely to make recruiters offering you any job opportunities.


    Be optimistic!

    Everybody feels better close to a person who do not give up, who is able to find some positive aspects in every single issue. People are more inclined to follow you on social if your tone of ”voice” is life-assenting. What is more, employees with a positive attitude are obviously more stress-resistant and capable of dealing with challenging assignments.


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