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Founded by recruiters and for recruiters Qreer.com facilitates the most convenient methods and technologies to search for the most talented engineers, developers, scientists and technologists on Bachelor, Master and PhD/Post-doc level all across Europe.
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Qreer is not a static job board as so many others resulting in us having our own sourcing department that continuously searches across Europe for the best matches for your jobs and internships listed.

    The career guide for engineering secialists: choosing your potential employer

    We write a lot on such topics as making a successful CV or cover letters. Nonetheless, so far we have been missing a point of selecting the best employer, the proper match for you.


    Set your specific criteria.

    First and the foremost, it is important to identify and narrow particular characteristics of a job you are searching for. Remember that your CV should reflect which particular functions you are willing to perform. If you miss this point, it is more likely that your resume will be lost in the clutter of other engineering profiles. What if you are considering various career paths and specialities? Then make several CVs tailored for each of these fields.

    Next, determine what your ideal employer is. Devote some time for this reflection, sit down with a piece of paper and list all the crucial points about your desired job in an ideal organisation. Recall things from your former experience that made you dissatisfied about your supervisors, working atmosphere or organisational practices. Also, think about aspects of your working life that made you feel comfortable and confident about yourself and which helped you to grow professionally and develop as a person. Then structure your thoughts by dividing them into two tables: “To look for” and “To avoid”.


    Revise your strengths and weaknesses.

    To get an idea which company and which job could be the right fit for you, be honest with yourself and realistic. Are you keen on communication with clients? Are you ready to teach junior-level engineers if necessary? Are you prepared to go on business trips on a monthly basis? Do you get exhausted when facing stressful situations at work? Ask this kind of questions when reading job descriptions and think thoroughly when deciding if that what you feel comfortable with. Define characteristics which you are not willing to change and those that you can practice or get rid of. For instance, if you find it difficult to organise yourself and keep up, you might consider taking a time-management course.

    Moreover, check your engineering skills portfolio. Allow a possibility of attending specific courses for improving your qualification. For example, as a software engineer you might be an adept of Python, however, if Java in a great demand within IT-companies, it could be useful to master this language as well. Always stay open to new ideas and solutions that can bring your career to the next level.


    Engage in communication with your potential employers.

    Companies often struggle to reflect all the peculiarity of a given job in a vacancy layout. What is more, different requirement can be understood differently by various candidates. So, our advice is not to hesitate contacting recruiters in order to clarify whatever you need to about a company or jobs they advertise. Be ready to declare your requirements and constraints as well, yet stay flexible and open to learning. Keep in mind that such networking can open a door to the company of your dreams!


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