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    5 Tips on Social Media Recruiting Strategies

    Social media’s value is increasing as the years progress. Despite social media being mainly used by companies to promote products and activities; the social channels are now assisting other departments as well. Recruiters checking the candidates’ profile is becoming a priority, as they gain important information prior to the interview.

    According to research (Morrison,2015), 92% of recruiters use social media as part of their everyday processes. Recruiters are realising that times are changing and in order to succeed they need to keep up with the change. If you just started dipping your feet in social media; no fear, we will provide you with 5 tips that show you how you can use social media in your recruiting strategy.

    1. Strengthen the online reputation of your company

    You need to be able to stand out. Having something that people know the company for makes all the difference. If you have a strong reputation the chances are everybody will want to work for you.  Having candidates already invested means they might be the people necessary to assist your company in flourishing.

    1. Engage passive candidates

    After making sure that your brand stands out on the social media channels, the next step is to engage with candidates. Video is one of the most effective methods to keep people’s attention on your company. Take into consideration what the applicants want. Many people enjoy seeing exclusive or behind the scenes footage, so deliver that. By providing behind the scenes videos the candidates already get a taste of what it is like working for your company.

    1. Create quality content

    Before sharing a video, you have to make sure that the content is of great quality. The videos need to have interesting content that creates a call to action. If your videos are not being forwarded then your efforts will not be rewarded. The content owes to be captivating, inspiring and stimulating to the recipient. Make sure your content is not viewed as spam. In order to do that, you need to check the frequency limit on different social media accounts. 

    1. Advertising in social media

    Traditional advertising, such as newspapers, resembles a guessing game; you have to guess how many people viewed the advert and react. Social media allows you to target people that view your advert and that’s the reason it’s so effective. In order to truly enhance your social media recruiting strategy; it is a must to utilise the tools available. An example is data providing ads,clicks and redirect stats.

    1. Don’t fear the hashtag

    A hashtag is not as simple as putting a # in front of a word. There needs to be thought put into which words actually will generate traffic. If the hashtag is not targeting your key audience it is useless. Important things to know are how many people use the hashtag, what is the geography and the demographic. On the other hand, if the hashtag used is too popular, you risk that your message gets lost due to the number of users with the same hashtag. Keep in mind that a hashtag needs to always relate to content you share, your target audience as well as the company’s image.

    These were several tips on social media recruiting. We assure you they are worth a try and for recruiters, we advise you to put the above into practice.

    KEY NOTE: Recruitment Marketing is an area with tough competition. To succeed you need to make yourself stand out and know how to attract passive candidates as well. Focusing on providing qualitative content and exploring new strategies and ideas prove to change the objectives you have fo the better.

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