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Founded by recruiters and for recruiters Qreer.com facilitates the most convenient methods and technologies to search for the most talented engineers, developers, scientists and technologists on Bachelor, Master and PhD/Post-doc level all across Europe.
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We offer you the possibility to expose your jobs and internships on our European platform and reach out to over 2.000.000 job seekers from all across Europe. We can support you with your international recruitment activities where needed. Do you have any questions at all,
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Qreer is not a static job board as so many others resulting in us having our own sourcing department that continuously searches across Europe for the best matches for your jobs and internships listed.

    4 Ways You Can Use Videos in Recruiting




    Incorporating videos into your recruiting and hiring processes will allow your organization to amp up its recruiting brand and improve candidate quality. Here are 4 ways that you can use video to get you started:



    1. Incorporate videos into your job posts

    Embedding relevant videos into your job postings will allow you to effectively communicate the expectations your company has. By doing so, you provide your potential candidates with a more simplistic message in order for them to fully understand the position.

    1. Use video at a job fair

    Showcasing a video about a day in the workplace can give job seekers an inside look of what it is like working in your business.

    1. Interview long-distance candidates via video.

    Interviewing a candidate in long-distance in person is usually inconvenient and costly. By using tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime long-distance interviews become easy and economical.

    1. Share videos across social media

    Video is a great way to increase your recruiting reach across social networks. This will encourage viewers to share with colleagues, which will expand your reach.

    These were 4 ways you can incorporate videos in your recruitment strategy. View current job openings at Qreer via www.Qreer.com