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    4 Reasons Job Interviews Have Lost Their Accuracy

    In the recruiting process, the interview is the first face-to-face contact you get to have with your candidate. You are able to ask questions that help you understand what kind of an employee your candidate is, how his personality is and a lot more valuable information. A few years back interviews were quite accurate when it came to predictions. However, with all the changes happening in the hiring process interviews end up being more harmful than helpful. There are a lot of factors that have, with time, contributed to the predictive value of interviews to plummet, but here are a few.

    1. Commonly used questions allow candidates to prepare and provide canned answers

    Similarly to this case, when a student knows the answers to the test beforehand, the exam loses its assessment value. If candidates visit sites such as indeed.com and glassdoor.com which list interview questions, as well as the “proper “answers the whole process loses its value. Besides these job portals, there are websites that dedicate their content to most frequently asked interview questions.

    1. Remote interviews put candidates at ease

    Now that technology is a huge part of everyone’s lives- everybody owns a mobile phone or a laptop- remote interviews have become more and more frequent. As a result, most companies result in using a phone or Skype to create at least the initial contact. What many bright individuals do is put “cheat sheets “on their computer screen that are visible only to them. By doing so, they can lay back and not rely much on their memory.

    1. The “I did it all” generation is here

    Today it is a lot easier for candidates to take credit; despite them having only contributed by a small percentage to a project. This is even easier as many candidates feel backed up by the reference-related lawsuits circling around. As a result, many candidates are realizing how easy it is for them to exaggerate their accomplishments.

    1. Lack of experience makes hiring manager assessments less accurate

    Due to ongoing budget reductions in HR, few hiring managers are up-to-date with their training in the interview. This absence of training can be problematic for various reasons in the interview, such as unconscious candidates. Studies made by Google; show that even trained managers are too focused on short-term goals that they opt to have a professional hiring committee make the hiring decisions; which would normally be made by the hiring manager.

    These were 4 reasons on why job interviews are not as accurate anymore. View current job openings at Qreer via www.Qreer.com